Parent Craft


What is parent craft?

So, you have read ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’… but still have no idea what to expect??

All and sundry chiming in with ‘helpful advice’ leaving you more confused than ever?

Are you baffled by an army of advertisers selling everything from your standard pacifiers to silicone breast-like bottles in all the colours of the Brazilian toucan?

Are you wondering if they ever need that soother / toy / sun parasol / night projector / top ‘n’ tail bowl / weirdly off-putting mobile the in-laws bought / sensory cat-shaped sock???

Being a parent is a question of experience. Of course, understanding what a baby needs can be derived from sheer instinct and paying careful attention to your baby and learning to distinguish her cries.

However, new parents can often find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibility of looking after a fragile new human being. The baby ROCKS parent craft workshop seeks to build the new parents’ confidence by answering common questions regarding life with a newborn baby and guiding them through responding to their child’s essential needs.

What is Baby ROCKS?

A sister programme of Birth ROCKS, Baby ROCKS is a parent craft workshop to guide parents gently along the path to parenthood. Baby ROCKS sessions arm parents with knowledge and skills to improve the well-being of both parents following the birth of their gorgeous new baby. As a baby rocks mentor, I provide support and training to empower parents and allow them to take joy in providing for their own and their baby’s needs at this special time. Baby ROCKS is accredited by the IAPP and the IPTI.

You can read more about the course on the Baby ROCKS website.

What you can expect to learn from my parent craft workshop:

  •  What happens in the hospital immediately post birth? We look at aspects such as thermoregulation (eek what’s that??), skin-to-skin, vitamin K and Newborn appearance

  • What does a baby need to thrive? What should new parents expect from their baby and what a baby needs from their parents?

  • Learning the basic communication skills and understanding minor upsets of newborns

  • The practical stuff. Breastfeeding and formula feeding, how to prepare bottles, baby bathing, top and tailing, nappy changing, going out, activities with baby, what partner can do to help and much much more

  • Beating the ‘baby blues’ and postnatal depression

  • How your partner can get involved and what they can do to help with baby

  • Talking about what you may experience as a post natal mum and how you will physically be post-natally and what to expect, as well as adjusting to family life with a newborn baby.

How are the classes structured?

The parent craft workshops is a four hour session.

How is the workshop delivered?

I am available to travel to your home to deliver the workshop on a face-to-face basis to you and your partner or you and another couple if you wish.

The workshops are also available via Skype / Face Time if face-to-face is not an option.


The workshop is £69 per couple. Additional attendees welcome at £25 each.

How do I book?

If you are ready to take your first step into building your baby confidence, I would love to take this journey together. Email me on, fill out the contact form or call / sms 07494 265146. I would be delighted to hear from you.