About Victoria


My name is Victoria and I am a mother, doula, trained birth mentor and parent craft adviser and a newborn care and baby massage specialist.

Above all, I am passionate about all matters pregnancy, birth and baby.

Happy lives start with happy babies. Happy babies start with happy parents. Happy parents are people who feel confident, secure and supported. This is where I come in.

After the birth of my son, I knew that life would never feel the same way again. Pregnancy was a time ‘for two’: eating for two, sleeping for two, swimming for two, singing songs for two, laughing for two… Then my son was born, and as I looked at his face I knew that life was now more, much more than just twofold. It was suddenly as bright and multi-faceted and infinite as the love that washed over me when I scooped him into my arms for the very first time.

The feeling of slow-burning love for my son only intensified as my story as a mother went on. I reflected a lot on the life transformation that was my pregnancy, labour and motherhood, and a world of births, pregnancies and new lives lay suddenly open before me. I knew I wanted to be a part of that world.

The transition into parenthood is unique and beautiful. There are as many ways of becoming a parent as there are people. No two are the same. The work I do is centred around the parent who seeks my help. It is not my job to teach you how to be a parent. Nobody can teach you that. What I can do is guide you as we walk together along your path of self-discovery, self-knowledge and empowerment. When you no longer need me, my job has been fulfilled.

I hope I get to meet you and be a part of your story.


Victoria xxx



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