5 reasons why you should do that dream holiday with your baby in tow!

adventure-babies-beach-11573995 reasons why I love traveling with my son – with my lovely husband or not!

  1. Babies think everything is exciting!

Every been on a holiday with a grump? You know, that fabulous and normally enthusiastic friend that magically left all semblance of their usual easygoing personality at the check in and, the moment your feet touch foreign soil, turns into a grumble bag that  makes the Grinch look actually quite balanced?

How to they find:

  • The hotel room? Uninspired
  • The food? Indigestable 
  • The locals: Foreign

One word: aaargggh!!

Consider baby. For baby, especially a toddler, everything is exciting. Opportunity to play and explore is everywhere to be found!

  • The hotel room? Explorable!
  • The food? Throwable!
  • The locals? Cooing!

Now that’s an attitude!

2. Babies make you leave the bed

You know those holidays where your just lie in bed? No, I can’t remember those either 😉

Still, lazy holidays. Whilst it’s ultra-tempting and sometimes necessary to go on a break for a complete recharge, I myself have often been guilty on being just that tiny bit too lazy and left a nook or cranny unexplored, thinking “I can always go back”. A decade later…

Babies are ultimate DINs (Do It Nows!) reminding us that there is no time like the present to get up and going! No more living a life of tomorrows.

3. Babies make you make friends

The way children are so open and willing to interact with the world around them is always a source of fascination to me.

Whilst finding peace on holiday used to come with burying yourself under a pile of magazines and going incognito behind an Jackie O style pair, chasing a toddler around foreign playgrounds inevitably means group play, a few friendly conversations with fellow parents or just an exchange of knowing smiles.

You are part of the parenthood family now with relatives in every corner of the world!

4. Babies are at your side 🙂

You know that friend… (see point 1). I myself can think of many times I’ve been traveling with people that I couldn’t drag to accompany me to some random artifact that I couldn’t understand why they didn’t find endlessly fascinating (oh, the ruins! the faded decrepit stones! the random incomprehensible plaques! Loving it)

Disclosure: I have often been that friend, too. Overcrowded art gallery? Four-hour queue to climb that tower? Pizza famous whyQue non.

The thing with babies is, they don’t have a preference filter because they don’t like waiting or they don’t like that architecture style or because they never really got the hype about Artist X. Babies want to be there because you are there. And that’s how they melt our hearts.

5. Doing Baby things is fun!

The thing about complaining about having to slave around your baby, whilst it’s a bit of a rite of passage for many parents, is that looking after baby is not actually that bad.

Yes, it’s exhausting and demanding and requires gazillions of energy. But –

What would you be doing instead, anyway?

  • Staying in bed?
  • Drinking copious amounts of wine?
  • Roasting on a lounger?

Sounds good to me! 😉

But, really, preoccupation with babies makes people yearn for ‘me time’. Whilst that’s valid, and ‘me time’ is extremely important, it often only need translate to regular breaks during the week without a minion clinging to your leg or wanting to show you their pencils.

You might actually find that spending a day without kiddo makes you miss their company and their bouncing energy and endless cuddles.

So, wherever you are going with Little ‘Un, lose the self-imposed military-style routine, see things through their open eyes – and enjoy!!



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