Dear parent or parent-to-be,

Welcome to my site.

My name is Victoria and I am a mother, Doula and parent craft specialist living in London. I offer practical support in preparation for labour and parenthood and work as a postnatal doula helping parents with their newborn in their first few weeks of life.

Above all, I am passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and baby.

Every new baby entering the world deserves the most loving start to its life. Happy, well-adjusted children come from happy, well-adjusted parents. It is my mission to support parents in getting the most of this most sacred, beautiful and challenging period of life – new parenthood.

I work with all types of people at different stages of their journey.

  • Whether you are pregnant, with newborn, or with baby in its first year of life
  • Whether you are the mother, father, friend, relative or birth companion
  • Whether this is your first, last, or the next of many

Whatever your situation and whatever you envision as your parenthood journey, it is my privilege and pleasure to connect with and support you.

Some of the ways I can help are:

You can find out about these in detail via the ‘Services‘ tab, or drop me a line at birthbabyconfidence@gmail.com.

I also write a blog about birth and baby matters, and you can find my posts on this site.


With much love and luck as you embark on this great adventure,